"If you keep focusing on doors that have
been closed, you’ll never
realize when new doors are
opened for you."

"If you don’t like something, change it. If you
can’t change it, change your
attitude. Don’t complain. –
Maya Angelou"

"Physically, there will always be
someone more beautiful
than u. That's why good
attitude & personality
always work"

" Losers are those whose words are bigger
than actions. Winners are
those whose actions are
bigger than words."

"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by
nature to stop speech when
words become superfluous. -
Ingrid Bergman"
"Some people say they don't have
enough time to train. Others
make it happen"

"Be positive, ignore the critic, follow ur
heart, invest in your
passions, believe in ur
dreams & get busy making
them reality"

"Follow your bliss and the universe will
open doors where there
were only walls. ~Joseph
Campbell "

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He made a statement that even
after removing army and special
forces from Kashmir and making
efforts to love the hearts of the
people of Kashmir, if things do
not improve, plebicite should be done in Kashmir and the people
of Kashmir should be allowed
separation from India. Is this
proper thinking? Tomorrow, if
any other state of the country
makes such a demand, should the same procedure be followed? Will
it not result into break-down of
India into pieces which the
enemies of the country are
wishing to happen. Mr. Prashant Bhushan's statement
led to an attack on him by some
youngsters which I condemn.
Taking law into one's hands and
beating an Indian citizen with
whose opinion one does not agree is improper and unjustified.

i do condemn the physical assault on prashant bhushan . But i do condemn the words of prashant bhushan even more strongly .

Kashmir is intrigal part of incredible india and nobody have right
to say to remove it . We lost our lack's of
soldier for security of kashmiris .we do
provide lot of budget for their
welfare .The common kashmiri is very
happy in india .The all we need to do to just connect them with indian national
news papers .
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I am learning spanish these days frenz . And its going really great with coffie break with spanish .
Adios amigos hasta pranto .
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Kuch sujan logon se ek bat suni thi ki apki nazar jahan tak pahuchti hai aap wahin tak dekh sakte ho. Is bat ko main bhi natmastak hoke swikar karta hun. Maine isko apke upar bhi lagu karne ki koshish ki. Main j.p ka andolan nahi dekha. Gandhi ji ke bare main bas suna hi hai. Kahne ka matlab hai maine aam admi ka koi bhi andolan nahi dekha .dekha to partiyoun ka dekha hai .waise sune bahut hai. Ab baba ji ka pahla dekh raha hun. Babji muh ki taqat se sarkar ko sirshashan bhi kara rahe the kuch din pahle. Acha laga aam admi hun na.
Ek aam admi ke dil ki bhadash nikli chalo kuch to hua. Bipaksh bhi kush tha chalo sarkar ki kirkiri ho gayi. Baba ne virodh ka danda pakda kuch dinsarkar natmastak rahi. Jo kam vipaksh sarkar se 4 sal se nahi kara paayi wo aana ji ne kuch din main kar diya.
Mujhe itne tak to samajh aa gaya par iske bad meri nazar nahi pahuch paa rahi hai.kya janta ka partiyoun se vishwash uth gaya hai. Partiyoun se vishwash uthne ka mujhe ek matlab ye samajh main aata hai loktantra se vishwash uthna.kyoun janta ko har bat k liye aandolan karna pad raha hai. Kya ham aarajakta ki aur aur badh rahe hain .
Yahi kuch prashn man main uth rahe the to phir wahi bat yad aagayi ki kabhi kabhi jo dikhta hai wo sach nahi hota aur jo nahi dikh raha hai wo sach ho sakta hai…………………………..dhanyawad
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Anna Hazare the voice of public against corruption . Anna is fighting for lokpal. We should know what is lolpal before understanding this war . There are few very strict point in this lolpal .
The lokpal bill envisages a system where corrupt person found guilty would go to jail within two years of the complaint being made and his ill-getten wealth being confiscated .
It seek power to the jan lokpal to prosecute politician and bureaucrats without government permission
Anna is getting full support national wide . All twitter face book and google is filled by lot of mess to support anna [b] my view on anna [/b]Anna is 21 century version of mahatma. 2011 wil be remember for egypt yaman and many african countries revolution . But india is country of mahatma . This is how indian fights . . . Jai bharat jai anna . . . .
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